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With Safiri, Our aim is to increase direct bookings from travelers to Host or Guide, with no Extra commission fees or registration fees. Learning the needs of Host & Guides, building a platform that works easily for both and creating a simple business environment for travel in the world. Safiri.

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With our experience in the travel industry, for sure making new friends comes first. We at Safiri created the platform so we could even make more friends. With your profile, hosts & Guides will be able to attract the type of friends they wish to have. Simply by the content you provide on your profile. “Twende tu Safiri”

Discover & Learn.

From our perspective, we at Safiri know how crucial the outdoors have been to the world. We know for sure going out, either hiking, a Safari or Bicycle experience brings out the challenge of learning. We discover and learn new things when we are out exploring. We give this opportunity to Hosts or Guides to keep on learning and discovering the wonderful things of the world.



While we were hiking back in 2017 in Kisongo, Arusha. We were left thinking of what  we could introduce in the tourism industry. On this specific day we came up with Safiri. Our online platform that filters experience to clients based on their budget. Join us

Your Own Booking Platform.

Hosts & Guides have total control on when, where & at what budget they wish to host an experience. Safiri platform is tailored to every individual partner. We would take our time to ensure your booking platform performs at your expectations.

Payment transactions.

We at Safiri work towards simplifying payments from Clients to Hosts or Guides. Fast and Transparent, we ensure that we work in introducing innovative solutions to travel. We aim to smooth the link between clients and Hosts or Guides, we believe this gives a better experience.

Easing Communication.

We at Safiri set a platform that eases communication between clients and hosts or guides. We understand how important communication is in travel. We set aim to make sure we have a platform that works on ensuring communication  between clients and hosts or guide are done at best standards as possible.