What is Safiri?
Safiri is an international online travel booking and travel marketplace that brings people together from diverse cultures and geographical locations to enjoy traveling while engaging with the local host communities who are committed to offering quality safaris, experiences, and tours. This platform gives Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in tourism to showcase their offering in the growing tourism market in order to reduce intimidation cost, increase revenue and propose creative tour packages and good accommodation. Safiri gives local host communities with the opportunity to sign up into the platform to be close to the tourism market
Where is your company based?
Safiri LTD is a Kenyan registered social enterprise that operates in the Arusha Region of Tanzania.
What is experience?
Experience is an amazing tour or activity organized by the local tour guides and SME’s in the tourism industry across Africa. Experiences happen to be based on hours, half-day, full-day, and a couple of days.
What kind of experience or tour can in the book?
Safiri hosts (local tour guides, tour operators, accommodation and backpacking) in Tanzania provide a wide range of experiences such as safari tours, walking safaris, bicycle safari, reptile visit, cultural tours and so on. The experiences offered by Safiri are seamless, endless and amazing.
Do I have to Sign-Up in order to find and book my tours?
No, you do not need to sign up to find and book amazing tours, activities, and experiences in Tanzania
In which countries can I book an experience and amazing tours?
Currently, we offer experiences and tour activities in the Arusha Region, Manyara Region and Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania.
Are there any booking fees application?
The prices you see on the website and mobile application are the prices that you pay as a traveler. There is not any additional fee to be charged.
When will I be charged for the booking?
You will not be charged for any booking until the booking is confirmed.
How do I make the payments?
You need to make a payment to Safiri via Paypal, debit or credit card and mobile money before the experience or tour takes place in order to confirm a booking.
Can I cancel my bookings as a traveler?
You may refer to the Terms of Service for more information
Do I receive a refund for canceling the booking earlier?
You may refer to the Terms of Service for more information
What does Safiri do for the development of local host communities?
Safiri connects you with local host communities, designating 85% of the profit generated towards the communities. This ensures that the great majority of your payment stays with the host communities, generating better life conditions and encouraging them to continue their efforts towards nature conservation.